Elimination (Detox)

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Elimination (Detox)

May cause loose bowels. Be very careful :)


TAKE IT: Place 8-10 drops under tongue for 30 seconds. Swallow. 

DOSE: Two-Three times daily prior to meal.

TIPS: Shake well before use. 

Elderberry has been used for eliminating toxins from the body in many places of the world.

  • Aids in eliminating excess cholesterol from the body,

    Eliminates constipation and boost gastrointestinal system,

    Beneficial in reducing blood pressure and managing diabetes,

    Helps in weight loss and boosts the immune system

    Promotes bone strength and development of new bone tissues,

    Alleviates respiratory conditions such as cold and cough.

 Drops should be used for at least 3 months to yield desired results.







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